Harpers Ferry

I have visited Harpers Ferry numerous times with friends and hiked to the top of Maryland Heights most visits. Last Sunday I took mom and aunt there thinking the foliage should be awesome, only to find out that it was still fairly green. We got there around noon. I wasn’t sure if mom and aunt were up to the strenous Maryland Height hike, but they wanted to give it a try. We bought a hiking stick for mom, cross the beautiful bridge, and started the hike.

To my surprise, I was the weakest physically out of the three. I felt embarrassed, but totally expected. My mom and aunt keeps up daily walks while I sit in front of the computer all day long. I don’t move around too much. At one point, my aunt even turned to me and told me not to force myself if it’s too much. Argh! I wanted to push someone down the mountain then. I told her impatiently that I am fine, I am just taking my time because I have a weak aerobic capacity.

After about an hour, we were at the peak looking at the overlook where the town sits between the Shenandoah River and Potomac River. Harpers Ferry is where the three states meet: Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia. Each time I’m impressed with the view. I felt tall, small but proud. I was proud of myself for making to the peak, small accomplishment but feeling grateful.


We took a little break up there enjoying the view, then headed down. A funny thing happened. I was very focus on the trail as there were many people in both directions. Several people walked by me and all of sudden I heard my name. I stopped and looked up, there stood an ex-coworker who I haven’t seen in years. We weren’t really friends, as he was two levels above me, so we didn’t work together closely. I was surprised to see him on the trail and surprised that he spotted me. It was an interesting encounter.

We got down to the bottom of the mountain, had ice cream then drove home. The “Moves” app logged 11481 steps for that day, I broke my all-time record.


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